Callisto Place Seniors Living 101 - group of six senior people talking

Join us for Senior’s Living 101

You’re invited to our information session on Thursday 29 February, where we’ll delve into seniors’ living and all the different options that are available. Don’t miss this event!

Seniors’ Living 101

When it comes to seniors’ living, there are countless options, but what’s right for you? Let us break it down for you at our Seniors’ Living 101 event. We’ll explain the differences between retirement living, home care and aged care, plus the types of people each one is suitable for. You’ll also hear about the Callisto Place lifestyle, beautiful shared spaces and apartments, plus the flexible services and support we offer. And if you’re wondering about costs, don’t worry, we’ll cover them too. It’s seniors’ living, simply explained — do join us!

Seniors Living 101 is on Thursday 29 February, 10am at Callisto Place, 35 Galileo Gateway, Bundoora. Refreshments will be served after the session. To secure your spot, RSVP by 22 February by clicking here. We’re looking forward to seeing you at Callisto Place!