Careful Consideration, and a Comfortable Choice: Our Journey to Callisto Place

1. Location – we wanted to stay as near as possible to the familiar areas in the north-eastern suburbs of Melbourne where we have our connections.

2. Bolton Clarke is a non-profit organisation fully engaged in the care of older people in all care stages and has considerable experience with retirement villages and aging-in-place facilities. Callisto Place has been designed very carefully, including taking advantage of the latest facility ideas and communication developments.

3. Bolton Clarke also offers the best financial arrangements amongst several other villages we have considered during our journey to find the best possible place for us in this region over the last 2 years.

4. We have been treated considerately, efficiently, and flexibly over an extended period while we have been deliberating about a commitment to go to Callisto Place, which we have now done. We are very much looking forward to the opening in May 2024 and getting on with the next stage of our lives.